Just another article.

Another day, another article about empaths and narcissists.

People need to stop overusing the word narcissist.

There, I said it. It seems like every time someone breaks up with someone else that person is a narcissist. It’s unreal. If you just read the amount of articles out there you would have to statistically believe that 50% of people are narcissists and 50% are empaths and they just WILL NOT stop getting into relationships with each other.

Here is the reality.

Your ex probably isn’t a narcissist which is a personality disorder and you probably aren’t qualified to diagnose them with it. Hot tip – sometimes people don’t need to have a personality disorder to be a jerk. Sometimes people can just be jerks. Sometimes you can be a jerk. Sometimes I can be a jerk. We are basically all jerks sometimes.

Narcissism is characterised by a specific set of traits of which I’m not going to tell you because you will immediately see those traits and think you recognise them in your ex. You know when you punch in your symptoms to google and it automatically comes back with the worst case scenario?

“Headache. Sore neck.”

“You have meningitis.”

Actually, you just had one too many wines before retiring to sleep in a funny position.

Telling folks the traits of a narcissist means they automatically become Google and every ex they ever had is walking around with a personality disorder and they are the empath falling victim to them all. Actually, you guys just broke up and you don’t like them anymore and there is probably a reason why they’re your ex but for god’s sake, people! Stop being Google!

Ahh, how I long for the days before people became armchair psychologists and when someone broke up with their partner we just called them an asshole.

Now here is a picture of my cat because I didn’t know what photo to stick with this blog post. He might be a narcissist though, tbh, he really does believe the world revolves around him.


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